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Pastor's Update

Delight: Turkish or Divinity

Have you ever tasted Turkish Delight? Or maybe you have tried Divinity candy. Some really crave these super sweet treats. They think of these confections as being “heavenly.” My favorite is still dark chocolate though my sweet tooth likes all kinds of candy. Here’s a warning about Turkish Delight and Divinity candy for the uninitiated, they are very rich. The Arabic word for Turkish Delight means bite or morsel. It only takes a little bit to satisfy your taste buds. The results of eating too much of it will be disastrous. Your stomach will not be pleased with your lack of self-control. A small amount of candy is not sinful, but over indulgence can be.

Almost anything is good for us in small amounts. Candy, sports, sun exposure, coffee, binge watching TV, etc. are to be enjoyed in moderation. Problems arise when we over indulge. Everyone must control his or her desires. This is an ongoing challenge believers must master from birth to the grave.

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The Unchurched Tag

Today, taglines are employed in advertising. A “tag” distinctly describes the product, business, or ministry’s characteristics being publicized to the world. Also, tags can be used to classify an individual’s behavior. So for the following discussion, what words would characterize your church attendance?

A pastor’s heart is burdened from time to time for absent church families. What happened to them? Are they attending another Bible preaching church? How many Sundays have they missed? Will their absences disconnect them from us? Could they be tagged with the label “unchurched?” Many churches track the attendance of their congregation as a spiritual gauge to deal with absenteeism. This is not about legalism. The author of Hebrews urges all believers, “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.” (Hebrews 13:17, ESV) Church elders must be concerned about everyone’s spiritual walk with God.

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The Sin Cure

The bane of a new dress shirt is a stain from a scrumptious dinner. Something oily or messy or reddish, will find its way onto the fabric you are wearing. Now, your clean shirt is tainted by a blotch. Its purity has been marred with a dirty spot.

So, you go to work using cold water, elbow grease, and several solutions that are guaranteed to remove the stain. Then, your shirt goes into the washing machine. Anxiously you check the shirt afterwards. Oh no. IT’S STILL THERE!

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Praying for your Pastor

One of our flock sent the following to me from Twitter: @DustinBenge

Pray for your pastor to have:

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If Tables Could Talk

     If our coffee table could talk, it would tell some amazing stories. I first saw it at my grandparents’ house in Casa Grande, AZ. That was over fifty years ago. My brother, sisters, and cousins used to play many games on it. Many of us could kneel around it. Over the years, it was in the midst of our family gatherings.

     Later, this coffee table was moved to my parents’ house in Atwater since my grandparents passed away. It had a prominent role in the Lord’s ministry there. People were invited for a time of hospitality and fellowship.

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